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Global recession. Political turmoil. Never has there been a time when so many people in the world are looking for encouragement and direction for their lives. It has also never been this easy to speak directly to a global audience. That’s why we’re so excited about “On My Heart Today.”

On My Heart Today is a new, “Spirit-led” webTV program that will be distributed around the world through social media. Its goal is to bring its audience encouragement, godly insight, and wisdom. Each episode will feature multicultural praise and worship and discuss a real life issue from a down-to-earth, biblical perspective.

Executive Producer and Host, Bola Abimbola is a singer, song-writer and music producer with over 25 years’ experience. Co-Host Greg Rast is an ordained minister whose experience serving churches around the world brings a unique perspective to the program.

Our capable production team is ready to go to work. Anointed guests from across the nation are ready to deliver! We just need your help to get started!